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Read how Gary's life changed by surrendering to the Lord, making Him the Lord of his life. Check it out in more detail on our "My Story" page.

Gary wants you to know that whatever you have gone through, whatever you have done, there is room at the foot of the Cross.  God can turn a mess into Glory to Him if you allow Him to do it for you. Rom 8:28 NLT

1 John 1:8-9 NLT Reads like this "If we claim we have no sin, we are only fooling ourselves and not living in the truth.  But if we confess our sins to Him, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from  all wickedness."

Evangelist, Teacher, and Author Gary Bell


Evangelist Mike Bell

Mike and Oral-1A.jpg

Bell Ministry was launched on January 1st, 2005, as the Evangelistic Ministry of Mike Bell. Mike, who is the Founder of Bell Ministry, became a Christian in April 2001 when he had a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit. Since that time, Mike has been passionately pursuing his calling of seeing the Kingdom of God forcefully advanced and the works of the devil destroyed through the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

In 2007, Mike had the privilege of meeting Oral Roberts at his home in Newport Beach, California. It was then that Oral laid hands-on Mike and imparted the gift of healing into his ministry. Mike was mentored and discipled by Oral until he went home to be with the Lord in 2009.

Mike has had the privilege of preaching in the Ukraine, Mexico, and across the United States of America to thousands of people at Churches, Conferences, Camp Meetings, Outreaches, Door to Door Evangelism, Tent Revivals and Gospel Crusades. In all these meetings, he has witnessed countless decisions and re-dedications for Jesus Christ. Through the anointing of Holy Spirit, Mike has seen the deaf hear, the blind see, the crippled walk, cancers have disappeared without a trace, tumors have dissolved, diabetes and Parkinson's disease healed, demons tremble & leave at the mighty name of Jesus and so much more for the glory of God.

Mike was also Pastor at House of Praise Community Church in Burlington, KS, from 2009 to 2014. In 2012, Mike married his beautiful wife and partner in Ministry - Megan. It was in February of 2014 that God spoke to Mike and called him back into the Evangelistic field. God told Mike, "I want you to bring My identity back into My Church. Show this generation that I am the same yesterday, today & forever. Raise up a Remnant Force to walk in My anointing and reach a hurting world through signs, wonders & miracles."

Today, Mike and Megan, travel wherever God leads with a burning passion for reaching the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for igniting the Church with a zeal to share their faith and see the power of Holy Spirit demonstrated through signs, wonders, and miracles. In 2019, they started a church (Restoring Hope) in Topeka, KS believing God WILL DO IT AGAIN!

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Mike Bell

I’m sure the prayers of my grandmother were answered when I was called into the ministry in 1960. The next year I attended Bible School at the International Bible College in San Antonio, TX. Afterward, I spent several years as an assistant pastor in the Lawrence, KS area before taking my first pastorship at the Assembly of GOD Church in Baldwin, KS. Over the last 60 years, I have been a senior pastor for seven different churches, that included a Christian Church, Independent Pentecostal, Church of the Brethren, all in Kansas. I’ve served the body of Christ in my callings as an evangelist, teacher, blogger, pastor, and assistant pastor doing ministry work in Minnesota, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.
Roland and his wife Patty of thirty years have lived in the Waverly, KS area for the past 21 years.

Evangelist Roland Bell

Roland Bell

Dave and Lisa Carroll

Dave and Lisa Carroll by a Montana Lake_edited.jpg

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I Ran From God's Calling For Ten Years!

Dave Carroll and his wife Lisa serve under InFaith Ministries and have served rural Montana for 21 years. They have ministered doing various ministries, such as Bible clubs for kids, adult Bible studies, vacation Bible school, prison ministry, one-week Bible camps, youth groups, and one-on-one ministry with local young men. Dave also serves as pastor of the Community Bible Church of Lincoln in Lincoln, Montana. The Carrolls have opened their home for women’s bible studies and social gatherings. In addition, they organize resources to assist others with practical chores and provide pastoral care and fundraising when a crisis hits a family in their community.

Dave was saved when he was twelve years old. By the age of fifteen, many cares of the world caused him to backslide. He did drugs (marijuana, numerous kinds of psychedelic drugs), drinking, thievery, immoral relationships, and an overall obsession with things not of God; this drove him for many years. However, the voice of God, through the Spirit, and the scripture  (John 3:16 NKJV) he had learned as a child kept after him. In 1985 Dave repented and turned from his sinful ways, returning to Jesus his Lord. His repentance came after the death of a friend with whom he had been partying. Dave asked God to show him how to live a Christian life, and God answered that prayer.

In his 28 years with the U.S. Forest Service, Dave and Lisa were involved in rural churches in Silver Lake, Oregon, Long Creek, Oregon. They started a church with others in North Fork, Idaho. Additionally, they were involved with teaching youth in Elizabethton and Benton, Tennessee churches.

God called Dave to minister His word, but it took ten years for Dave to surrender to that calling. It is never too late to follow Jesus!

Dave Carroll

Scott D. Miller is the pastor of Kingdom Life Ministry Church in Hesston, KS. He has preached in Haiti and Uganda by invitation on numerous occasions. Scott and his wife Wanda have two sons and two daughters. They also have been the forerunners of ministry teams going to Haiti each year, fundraising, bringing food, and teach summer vacation bible school to more than 1,500 children.

Scott has a love for the Lord and has been eagerly seeking revival in Kansas for years. His first book, The Spirit Of The Fear Of The Lord, listed here came from downloaded material from the Lord. You can purchase his book directly from Scott from the link below.

ScottMiller FOTL Front Cover (002).jpg
Back Cover The Spirit Of The Fear Of The Lord.png

Pastor and Author Scott D. Miller

Scott D Miller_edited.jpg

The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord - Here

Scott Miller

Linda J. Quigley, Teacher and Author


When Linda J. Quigley was eighteen months old, she died from the croup. Though clinically dead, God brought her back to life. At age 17, God miraculously healed her of rheumatoid arthritis. Life’s trials have solidified her confidence in God’s powerful work of healing for the broken! She has great compassion for emotionally wounded people and abused women. Her desire is to see them healed and restored through the all-healing and all-powerful love of God! Linda’s life journey attests to God’s unfailing love, mercy, and faithfulness.

Linda encountered a personal relationship with Jesus Christ at the age of fourteen, and at eighteen, she received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. She is blessed to be the mother of a godly son and daughter who shares her love for the Lord. She is delighted to have seven precious grandchildren. Linda, a native Montanan, is currently a member of her church, where she’s involved with the Ladies Prayer Team and has served on the church Prophetic Team.

Linda’s gifts are most evident in prophetic, teaching, and exhortation. Bible reading, praise, prayer, and intercession are important parts of her life. Since becoming a Christian, she’s been active in numerous capacities with children, teens, and women, led home fellowships, prayer groups, and Bible studies. Linda served as a Women’s Aglow chapter vice president and the Director of Research and Reconciliation for the Montana School of Prayer.

Linda J Quigley
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