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The Stickman Presentation

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Making A Presentation With Whatever You Have In Front Of You.

Using each point of the Stickman, as explained on page two titled "How To Accept Jesus."  you’ll insert one talking point.

If you talk before a group, you’ll be able to remember that point from memory.

It’s easy, let’s go!

If your situation permits, you could use one of the handouts you can download from the
Presentation Handouts page.

Using A Dusty Window To Lead Someone To The Lord!

Numerous times I've led someone to the Lord standing alongside a vehicle, writing on a pad of paper, drawing out the Stickman on a dusty part of the vehicle, or in the dirt with a stick. 

It's preferable to have something your client can take home to review or even lead others to the Lord, as has been the case in the past. However, please don't pass up an opportunity, be creative; this presentation does not threaten people; it makes sense, and the Holy Spirit will give you the right things to say at the right time!


I led a 12-Year-Old Boy To The Lord Using This Tool Arrangement!

While working on a residential construction site one day, I had the opportunity to lead a 12-year-old boy to the Lord. Days prior to this event, I was blessed to be able to lead his mother first and then the grandmother to the Lord. In those two presentations, I used a pad of paper to draw out the Stickman outline, just like you see presented on page two, “How to Accept Jesus.”

I hadn’t realized this young man was observing what I was showing his mom. While laying out my tools to explain this simple plan of salvation, he exclaimed, “Hey, that’s the Stickman!” He understood the Good News as I questioned him specifically on various points. I was honored to lead him in a sinners prayer as the Lord led.

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