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My Story

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It Seemed Like I Was Moving Into Eternity!

In the early ’70s, I remember being outside one evening looking up, and thinking how vast and powerful God was. I said to God, “Someday, I want to serve you with all my heart and soul, but I am not ready yet.” I was lost, a heathen on the way to Hell, but mesmerized by the beauty of God’s creation. As I stared into space, it seemed like I was moving into eternity.

Writing The About Us Page Is Like Pulling A Scab Off An Old Wound.

Recalling these events as I write this “My Story” page is like pulling a scab off an old wound. Regretful memories surface, and I find myself thinking, why didn’t I come to the Lord before all these things happened? However, if sharing my stupid mistakes help others in finding the peace I have, making Jesus their Lord and Savior is worth it.

Within A Few Months, I Surrendered.

Within a few months of my God experience I mentioned above,  I surrendered my sinful life, making Jesus my Lord; while watching Billy Graham preach on TV. There was too much drinking with my social friends after the Navy and Vietnam War.  The Bible says that "sin has its pleasure for a season." Rom 11:25  I  can attest to that, however, I was sick and tired of the sinful life I was living;  my mouth was like an open garbage can swearing all the time.  I knew it was all wrong, it had to stop and the only thing stopping me was me! Unbeknownst to me, the Holy Spirit was wooing me to Jesus at that time. My Mother and Grandmother had been praying for me over the years.  Mom had forced me to Sunday School, youth groups, and church, which turned out to be a blessing throughout my life. I started attending church with my wife and children and began studying the Bible. 

I Prayed, Lord, Give Me the Boldness To Lead People To You.

My spiritual growth came from Christian TV; every evening for years, we would faithfully watch TBN’s Praise The Lord program learning from all the great men and women of God. LaVerne Tripp, a TBN regular, was a significant influence as a soul winner; Lavern was a very gifted soul winner that impressed me.  I had prayed, Lord gave me the boldness to lead people to you too. Studying the Word, listening to teaching tapes, and CDs, and reading Christian books was my venue. Eventually, my cup overflowed, and I began to step out evangelizing with the Faith that I had. The more I did it, the bolder I became. There were times I would shake my head after an encounter as to what had taken place. It felt like I had reached into the very flames of Hell, pulling someone out.

Your Skills Help You Become Who You Are Today.


Having been a flight instructor/pilot for a living helped me perfect my teaching skills. After my professional pilot days, I became an insurance agent for 20 years. Insurance companies would give you a sales track and tell you to memorize it, which helped keep you on track and educate the client. No one knew they had a problem until the agent walked into the room; the agent also had the answer and asked for the close. Why wouldn’t a sales track work for presenting the gospel, I thought?


I Had An Idea, God Gave Me A Plan

The area I covered provided a lot of windshield time between appointments, so I began sketching a plan on a pad of yellow paper. Using Gods word, I put my presentation together and came up with the Stickman Presentation. Different points on the stickman represent this point or that character;  it helped me remember the points I wanted to present and their chronological order. People learn so much faster when they can see something and relate a fact to a point.   Communicating a subject manner is more than saying words; if this defined circle means this and that square means such and such, you can easily incorporate those into your overall message; it's easier to understand the overall story without losing your students.  They really liked it when I would ask them what this point or that point represented, I could see they were really absorbing the message.

It Got Better With Time

I’ve perfected it over the years and have given it on paper, using my finger in the dirt, on the hood of a vehicle, using a stick to write in the sand, and laying out hand tools in the Stickman form. When speaking before a group, I have used various items in the room as points on the Stickman. People can comprehend easier to this type of teaching. Its success has led hundreds to the Lord. Many have said this presentation was the best salvation message they had ever seen and was so easy to understand. We show you our salvation Stickman video presentation in our video on our webpage, "Understanding God's Plan for Salvation." In addition,  I put together a video in more detail called  “Life Beyond This Life!" 

The video is under fifteen minutes, making the unsaved person's decision easy, and they are educated in Christianity 101.  I've had newborn Christians take our Stickman presentation home and lead others to the Lord just by repeating the points on the presentation as best they could. Nothing will happen unless you step out of your comfort zone and make it happen. Commit yourself and pursue it!

But For The Grace Of God. 

Death is such a hard thing to go through! A train accident in November 1992 took my wife, of 26 years, followed by a newborn grandson within six months of each other. My only daughter lost another son ten years ago. Strangely my current stepdaughter lost two sons too. During times like these, you can draw close to God or fall away, but for the grace of God! God has blessed me with Linda, an awesome widowed wife; we've been married for 14-plus years. Together we strive to walk in the calling we have been called to.  He's given us so many obvious clues that it was the Lord that brought us together for such a time as this!

I’m a fellow traveler going down this pathway of life, made a lot of wrong choices, and fallen along the way; thank you, God, for the Blood of Jesus that washed my sins away! But for the grace of God, I’ve become a spirit-filled leader and spiritual warrior for the Lord. My calling is Evangelist and Teacher. Knowing your authority in Jesus’s name and exercising it is a must for every believer. There is nothing like being in the presence of the Lord; I love it and want to please Him; how about you?

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