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The Word is “Must”

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Guest Blogger; Former Pastor, Teacher Roland Bell Explores The Word “Must”.

If your car needs a new motor you can do nothing till you get it, you MUST get a new one. The word must is used ten times in the gospel of John, we will look at five of them.

John 3:7 You MUST Be Born Again.

There is only one way to go to heaven, that is to be born again. Repent of your sins and follow GOD, there is no other way. When you have done that, that makes you a believer. You may be considered intolerant because the world thinks there are many ways to get to GOD. Now you declare there is only one way. Some of our leaders say they are Christians, but they do not show it by their works. Christians do not kill babies and overlook the unrighteousness, as called out in Romans chapter 1. We have those in government ( liberals ) who want to shut our places of worship doors and silence our voice. Again I say there is only one-way, and that is JESUS CHRIST!

JOHN 3:14 The Son Of Man MUST Be Lifted Up

Today many sinful things are accepted and glorified; the list would be endless to list all of them here. Some people exhort their church, pastor, worship team, and even themselves. Get over it, and I don’t care what program you have, praise CHRIST, and him only, he will draw men to himself. Special speakers, singers are only a tool HE will use; be careful what you or your church are exhorting!

John 3;30 HE MUST increase—I MUST decrease

I must decrease, and He must increase is the most important thing that must happen. It’s like a litter of little pigs, the ones you feed the most will be the ones that grow. What are you feeding yourself, how much time do you spend in the bible, in prayer, watching TV, or going fishing? The list could get bigger, but you see what I mean. How much have you grown in your Christian walk? I have found people who got saved 50 years ago are still are on the milk of the word of GOD. They haven’t grown in those 50 years. You must ask yourself where am I at in my Christian walk.

John 4:24 MUST Worship In Spirit and Truth

I am not here to tell you my way is better than your way; I am here to tell you there is only one-way, GOD’s way! At home or church, do you worship in spirit and truth, which is GOD’s way? Many while worshiping are thinking of I got to mow the yard when I get home, did I turn the oven before I left home. You get the idea our focus should be totally on GOD. It’s not what songs you sing, Its how you sing them. Make HIM the center of what you do in worship.

John 20:9 MUST Rise Again

It was a Must that He die, be buried, and be raised from the dead to defeat the powers of evil. All this was for you and me because of his love for us. All the above is useless unless HE rose from the dead.


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