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Powerful Spiritual Warfare

Little David Against The Powerful Goliath

Shutting Down Spiritual Interference

​God's Kingdom and Satan's Kingdom

Let’s face it; there are two Spiritual kingdoms, God’s and Satan’s.  Satan was God's lead worship angel once, praising God continually. Satan sinned in his pride of being so beautiful and wanting to be like God or greater than God. Pride is a sin, and no sin is allowed in Heaven. Because Satan was kicked out of the presence of God, his love for God turned into hate for God and wants to destroy everything God created or loves. Satan, the father of lies, is evil and will do everything he can to keep you from hearing the truth and accepting Jesus as you’re Lord and Savior.


Demonic Interference

Interference usually begins when you are talking about the things of God, ministering, or trying to lead someone to the Lord.  It's almost comical when these things start to happen because we know where all this is coming from and why. Paul wrote about this in Romans 7:21 in the Bible. Open your spiritual ears and eyes, and become more aware of your adversary's ploys.


Examples of Demonic Interference.

A quiet atmosphere turns into confusion and misdirection, and the next thing you know, you are off your subject matter and on the verge of breaking up the meeting. It could be numerous people showing up at the door unexpectedly; a quiet phone turns unusually busy when it’s been quiet all day. Kids emerge from playing alone and begin to bug everyone like they are on a sugar high. A lot of commotion intensified to the point that you're considering shutting down.


Stopping Spiritual Interference Today!

As I wrote this, my lower back began to ache really bad; I was thinking about stopping and getting out of this chair. It dawned on me what was happening; I said  aloud, "Oh no, Satan, you're not going to try and slip this over me; I know what you're trying to do." In the name of Jesus, I verbally bound this spirit of infirmity that was trying to shut me down and commanded it to stop. I commanded the pain to stop and leave, which it did right away. Folks, this is the real stuff!

Demonic Activity Can Cause Havoc.

I’m not saying anyone has a demon, but I am saying that somehow demonic activity can cause havoc no matter who’s there. Once you use your authority in Jesus’s name to bind and stop all this activity, and it does, you’ll appreciate remembering Jesus, giving us the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. 

A Spirit of Offence Is A Sin.

If your prayer answers don't happen immediately, examine yourself and see if there is sin in your life. Ask the Lord if there is anything unpleasing to Him. Carrying a spirit of offense is a sin and can block your prayers or stand of faith from being answered; Mark 11:20-25  The scriptures in Mark 11 are a perfect example of what Jesus is trying to teach us, that being a great act of faith in cursing the fig tree and it weathers up. Next, Jesus tells us we can use our faith even to tell real mountains to be picked up and cast into the sea by speaking, believing, and receiving. However, He immediately tells us that if we have unforgiveness against someone (a spirit of offense), to confess it, ask for forgiveness (unforgiveness is a sin), and move on.

In The Name Of Jesus

The Apostle Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 10:4 that our weapons are not earthly but might for the pulling down of spiritual strongholds. There is authority in the name of Jesus, whereas Jesus said in Matthew 28:18-19, “All authority has been given to Me in Heaven and on earth,” “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

If you have accepted Jesus as your Lord, you are a believer with that authority we just read above. Just before Jesus ascended into Heaven, He left for all humanity a message that applies today. Mark 16:15-18

Our Mind and Its Thoughts.


Satan Tries To Block People's Minds.

Sometimes Satan can interfere with people’s minds so they can not process information and make a clear decision. There have been times when I have been making a salvation message presentation to various people and noticed they were not getting it. I’d present it differently with the same results, a blank look with no expression or action.

Binding and Loosing Hindering Spirits

Remembering the Key to working in the Kingdom of God, in the middle of a sentence, I’d verbally Bind and lose Matthew 18:18 NKJV any spirit that was not from the Lord and was keeping (you insert the name) from making a clear decision on their own. That spirit could not operate here in the name of Jesus. Then I’d continue as if it wasn’t a big issue. One hundred percent of the time, that person would begin to engage in the conversation, and a higher percentage would go on to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Every Born Again Believer in Jesus Christ has the same authority I do, and He expects us to use it!

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